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Laboratories de Biarritz

100% 礦物防曬,礦物防曬中的⼆氧化鈦微粒和氧化鋅微粒提供廣效性防曬保護(UVB + UVA),不滲⼊⽪膚,不被⽪膚吸收,即時塗抹即時起防曬作⽤,無須等待吸收。

100% mineral sunscreen, the titanium oxide particles and zinc oxide particles in the mineral sunscreen provide broad-based sun protection (UVB + UVA), does not penetrate the skin, does not absorb by the skin, instant application and instant sun protection, does not need to wait for absorption.



 2011 年在法國成⽴。因著對海洋的熱愛,他們致⼒研究出對肌膚以及環境同樣安全的⾼效防曬系列。

It was established in France in 2011. Because of their love for the ocean, they have developed a series of effective sunscreens that are safe for both the skin and the environment.



ALGA MARIS系列為100%天然有機礦物防曬,所有產品通過極嚴謹的有機認証,配合品牌專利 ALGA-GORRIA® 紅海藻活性成分,提供全⾯礦物屏障,雙重抵禦紫外線傷害。

The ALGA MARIS series is 100% natural organic mineral sunscreen. All products have passed rigorous organic certification and cooperate with the brand patent ALGA-GORRIA® red seaweed active ingredient to provide a full mineral barrier and double protection against UV damage.


海洋 靈感 The Ocean, Our Inspiration


We love the ocean and are determined to make beauty products that do not destroy the state of the ocean. We love the ocean and delve into the mysterious volume of the ocean. We love the ocean and drive us to create an epoch-making skin care ingredient-red seaweed active ingredient.


創新 強效 Innovation & Powerful


Our research team pursues the skincare volume of the future in awe of self-esteem. Authored by the purest natural marine resources, several skin care active ingredients were finally developed and patented. The efficacy of our skin care products has passed clinical tests under the supervision of skin medicine.


有機 低敏 Organic, Hypoallergenic

簡化配⽅,通過低敏及安全測試。部分產品無⽔真空包裝,將防腐劑成分⽐例減⾄最低。超過有機機構標準,天然成分⽐例達 99.5% 以上,部分產品有機成分更⾼達 96% 。絕不含⽯油化學成分,絕不含有害化學成分(包括 parabens, silicones, phenoxyethanol 等)。

Simplify the configuration and pass the low sensitivity and safety test. Some products are not vacuum packed, which minimizes the preservative composition. Exceeding the standards of organic institutions, natural ingredients are more than 99.5%, and some products are more than 96% organic. It is absolutely free of oil chemicals and harmful chemicals (including parabens, silicones, phenoxyethanol, etc.).


環保 ⽣態 Environmental protection, Ecosystem

RespectOcean 成員之⼀,致⼒海洋可持續發展。本地採購,本地⽣產,減少碳排放。採⽤可⽣物降解成分,避免使⽤有機溶劑,100 可回收包裝 ......為了你的健康,為了⽣態的發展,我們願意⾏多⼀步,我們願意⾏先⼀步。

One of RespectOcean's members contributes to the sustainable development of the ocean. Local procurement, local production, reduce carbon emissions. Using biodegradable ingredients, avoiding the use of organic solvents, 100% recyclable packaging ...... For your health, for the development of the state, we are willing to take more steps, we are willing to take the first step.


法國製造 Made in France

品牌專利紅海藻活性成分提練⾃⼀種名叫Gelidium sesquipedale 的紅海藻,為法國巴斯克海岸線所獨有。為了更好地控制產品的質量,從研究到產品製成,銷售分布全球 25 個國家,包括全程法國製造。

The brand patented red seaweed active ingredient refines a red seaweed called Gelidium sesquipedale, unique to the French Basque coastline. In order to better control the quality of products, from research to product manufacturing, sales are distributed in 25 countries around the world, including the whole process of French manufacturing. 



專利紅海藻活性成分,紅海藻活性成分蘊含⽐維他命C⾼出 5 倍豐富抗氧化物,有效中和⾃由基阻隔紫外線,⾼效阻隔 UVB / UVA,保護⽪膚細胞不受⽇曬傷害,⼤⼤減低肌膚因紫外線傷害⽽過早衰⽼。
Patented red seaweed active ingredient. Red seaweed active ingredient contains vitamin C which is 5 times richer in antioxidants. It effectively neutralizes the base to block ultraviolet rays, and effectively blocks UVB / UVA, protecting skin cells from sun damage. Reduces premature aging of skin due to UV damage.